The short-term rental market is dominated by Airbnb and Vrbo, both of which have gained immense popularity among guests and hosts alike. In order to maximize occupancy rates for their properties, hosts should ensure that all features and amenities are clearly highlighted in the listing. According to Matterport, virtual tours have been proven to boost bookings on Vrbo listings by up to 14%. Therefore, investing in a virtual 360 tour is a worthwhile undertaking for any Vrbo or Airbnb host.

Airbnb VRBO photographer NJ

Why a 360 Virtual Matterport Tour?

Leverage the power of Matterport 3D technology and captivate the imagination of prospective guests. Present them with a realistic representation of your NJ vacation rental, giving them unprecedented insight into the layout, size, and amenities. With this enhanced level of clarity, they can confidently select the ideal accommodation for their needs and be pleasantly surprised upon arrival. Unparalleled transparency leads to improved reviews—a crucial factor for vacation rental success. Invest in this sophisticated solution and elevate your listing with remarkable results.

Utilize Matterport to maximize your marketing potential and take your listing to the next level. Guided 3D tours, detailed floor plans, long and short videos, and more—all of these features combined will ensure that your property stands out from the competition. Although top-notch photos remain essential for a truly successful Airbnb or Vrbo showcase, you can further captivate potential guests with a Matterport 3D tour. Invest in this innovative technology and prepare to reap the rewards!

Matterport 360 Tour Photographer NJ

Matterport 360 Virtual Tour Provider in NJ

Homeowners listed on platforms like Airbnb or Vrbo should not overlook this amazing opportunity to take their business to the next level and gain a competitive edge over the competition. If you are in NJ or the Lehigh Valley, Real Estate Photos of NJ  is here to help you transform your home into a 3D virtual reality experience through Matterport Virtual Tours.

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